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We are much more than just a physical body, we reflect and interact with the world both within and outside our physical form. Our understanding of healing is deepened the more we penetrate this knowledge. The practice of medicine is an art — at the heart of this endeavor is the connection between the client and the practitioner.

Shen Men Healing Arts offers a range of therapies to help you and your family formulate a healthy program designed to work naturally with the mind, body, and spirit.


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The Meaning of Shen Men

The character Shen refers to Spirits. Divinities.
The vital principle. Something marvelous. The
Spirits are Heaven within us. They conduct us
and guard us, and we must guard them.

The character Men refers to a gate, it can be
thought of a reference to acupuncture points
in general.

According to ancient Chinese thought our health
and well-being depend on the harmonious dwelling
of the “spirits” (shen) in the heart. At the deepest
level the practice of medicine involves the proper
communication between the practitioner and shen.

*From Rooted In Spirit by Claude Larre and
Elizabeth Rochat de la Vallee

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