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Over the past several years an increasing number of children are experiencing learning, behavioral, and socialization challenges despite the best efforts of educators and psychologists. Attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, dyslexia, autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and eating disorders are all conditions that are on the rise.

Shen Men Healing Arts specializes in working with children who are experiencing learning, behavior and socialization challenges, offering therapies and strategies to give children improved ability to organize their inner and outer worlds.


Healthy Learning & Healthy Living

The latest research suggests these imbalances relate to neurological deficits caused primarily by cumulative stress, dietary insufficiencies, genetics, and various types of toxicity. As a result, the ways the brain and the body communicate become severely compromised.

The correct combination of simplified lifestyles, dietary strategies, targeted nutritional supplementation, gentle detoxification, color and light therapy, movement therapy, art exercises, and parent education can work together to help restore the cognitive health in children who are struggling. All of these strategies work to give children more of an ability to organize their inner and outer worlds.

Healthy Learning Highlights

Extra Lesson
Masgutova Reflex Integration
Whole Food Therapy/ Supplements
• Parent Education, Support and Stress Management

Extra Lesson works to unite a child’s body with the information he or she came into the world with which in turn allows each to grow and develop on their path in life. The Masgutova Method works to facilitates the myelination of important pathways in children’s brains that allows for learning with ease and allows for continued growth and development.

For more information, please contact Conradine Sanborn.

Extra Lesson
Masgutova Method
Nutritional Programs

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