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Shen Men Healing Arts offers programs for children designed to help them become more comfortable in their bodies and at ease in their learning. Classes for parents offer an orderly and effective pathway to simplifying in four realms at home, which reduces stress on children and their caregivers, and allows room for connection, creativity, and relaxation.


For Children

Shen Men Healing Arts is offering Foundational
Fun Summer, 
a two-week summer session,
(Week One begins July 17th and Week Two
begins July 24th, 2017) designed to help children
become more comfortable in their bodies and at
ease in their learning. For details and registration,
please download this year’s program flyer.

For Parents

Shen Men Healing Arts offers parents Simplicity
Parenting Classes 
based on the book “Simplicity
Parenting” by Kim John Paynea and is led by
Conradine Sanborn, LAc, MA Ed, Certified Simplicity
Parenting Group Leader.

The Group Class Experience is:
An effective blend of support, learning, discussion
   and integration

Supporting sustainable simplifying self-selected

Enhancing loving connection at home

Uniting parents in the shared endeavor of parenting

Exploring how to connect your parenting style and
   skills with your values

To learn about future Simplicity Parenting Classes
dates and times, or for more information, please contact
Conradine Sanborn at 651.233.3566 or by e-mail.

“The Simplicity Parenting class was a bright spot in
my week. The reading and exercises really helped me
internalize the material and make shifts in my life.
The group was supportive, encouraging, uplifting,
and fun!” — Rebecca L.

These classes are great for parents with children of all ages!

For Schools

Interested in having Simplicity Parenting Classes taught
at your school? Please contact Conradine Sanborn at
651.233.3566 or by e-mail for more information and

We look forward to helping you simplify yours and your
children’s lives.

Extra Lesson
Masgutova Method
Nutritional Programs

Call Shen Men Healing Arts at 651.233.3566 to schedule an appointment.
Location: Holistic Gateway, 1415 6th Street NE (Second Floor), Minneapolis

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